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So, just guessing here... You're a Genius, Right?

Ok maybe YOU wouldn’t say that – because then you’d look all big-headed and kind of rude.

But come on, I feel like we’re chums already – no need to be coy with me.


Admit it, you have bloody marvelous ideas and expertise to share – and frankly waaay more people need that good stuff in their lives.


Trouble is …

They're slippery blighters, those ideal customers.

It’s so hard to get them to take any notice, even when you’re offering gift-wrapped dreams-come-true, with extra bliss-sprinkles.

Because there’s a LOT of noise out there – and people zone out.

The key to zapping people out of their white-noise stupor, and truly turning heads?


Laser-targeted, close-up-and-personal copy that calls uniquely to YOUR people and makes them feel almost spookily seen, held (in a wholesome way), and understood.


And irresistibly shimmies them along a belief-shifting bucket-chain of head-nod moments until they’re as excited to buy into your program as I am to unwrap a brand new bottle of Hendrick’s on a Friday night.

(Not every Friday night, I should point out – this is very much a Thrilling Treat kind of situation.)

And, of course, THIS is where I can help! Because the entirely objective truth is…

I have a knack for writing extraordinary copy that converts like crazy. 
Take Jennifer and Amy's word for it...

Jennifer Rosenfeld,

Expert Business Coach for Musician Entrepreneurs

“Very very high-converting pages and email sequences … Plus Gin immerses herself so deeply in her client’s world – she really goes above and beyond!”

Amy Posner

Copy Chief

“Top quality, amazing to work with – and charming as hell!”

It all started back when I was just a nipper...

(~imagine bubbly harp music and wavy vision, as we go baaaack in tiiiime~)

Fresh out of Cambridge, with a Natural Sciences (Biological) BA tucked under my arm (not literally – no one wants to see that sh*t), I’d just started as a budding science editor at Hodder & Stoughton Educational Publishers in leafy Sevenoaks, England. Nice.

I’d barely figured out how to use the single typewriter I shared with my co-worker (it was the early 90s – and still a good 6 months before one of those baby Apple Mac things arrived … you remember, with the 3½ inch floppy disk drive and tiny screen built in?)

… when I got my first taste of the power of copy to persuade.


See, our department was bidding to publish a series of books for a big examination board. And since it was a jolly important contract, it came as quite a surprise – to absolutely everyone – that I was asked to write our proposal!

Bonkers really, but knowing that so much depended on it, I spent DAYS on that letter. I asked questions, I pored over reports, I read every bit of relevant information I could dig up – 

I got inside their heads and figured out EXACTLY what the board members wanted us to bring to their lives.

Then I set out, in irresistibly customized terms, just how our department could make their every dream come true. I crafted and edited and honed those words until they shone with an enchanting clarity that made our offer a no-brainer.

(No-one said ‘no-brainer’ in the 90s … but you take my point.)

And it bloody well worked. We got the contract – I was a COPY HERO!!

Honestly, the thrill of that early success still fills me with wonder. It is genuinely magical to me that words – the stories they tell, the emotions they stir, and the trust they build – can be so powerful.

And I love that there is ALWAYS a solution. 

Just the right words, to precisely the right person, at exactly the right time … will always cast the spell you need. It’s just a matter of finding those words.

I’ve spent decades now shaping people’s thinking with words and stories – as a published author and editor, as an actor and director (a story for another time …) and of course as a conversion copywriter.

I’ve worked with tons of major international publishers, solo-preneurs, nonprofits and start-ups – as well as with some of the biggest names in marketing and messaging, like James Wedmore, Brandon Lucero, Christina Jandali and Tarzan Kay.

Work Desk

In every partnership, what I LOVE more than anything is creating the genuine audience connection that becomes the conduit for my client’s genius – 

So they can empower more people to live fuller, richer lives … and make more money doing it than they ever dreamed possible.

Now I’d be honored and delighted to do this for YOU.

Whaddaysay? Shall we get this party started?!

Tarzan Kay.jpg


Launch Strategist & Copy Coach

“Gin Walker did a great job capturing my voice on my Facebook ads. She’s talented, does what she says she’s going to do, and delivers quality work. Highly recommended!”
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