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The "smart" world has gotten wise to the ways of olden-times marketing

In fact, peeps be totes yoda these days, some might say…

(Not me. I’ve no idea how that sentence even works.)

Which means the old copy formulas – like AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) and PAS (pain, agitation, solution) – are losing their edge in the messaging arms race. 

The truth is, to keep cutting through the hard white noise of Clever Marketing out there, and get noticed in an ever more sophisticated space, you need a sharper tool that goes deeper.

You need my signature framework …

The Conversion Code

Over years of writing copy designed to convert curious prospects into can’t-wait buyers, I realized it’s no longer enough to simply…

  • empathize with your reader’s current predicament

  • squeeze a little with predictions of unpleasant outcomes if they don’t do something about it, like NOW

  • and then unveil your particular product or service as the ideal solution (*tada!*)


That’s your classic PAS structure … pain → agitation → solution. It’s neat, clean and has been super effective for swaying people into your buy-now bucket for decades. (If you didn’t know about it before, you’ll see it EVERYWHERE now.)

But I knew I could get even better results by going deeper.

By taking a step back and figuring out what’s really behind the ‘pain’ in the first place.

That’s what The Conversion Code ™ is all about. Not just PAS, but PADAS →









Alternative Beliefs



Pretty Badass, right?

The Conversion Code™ goes way deeper – so your prospect feels you ‘get’ them better than their therapist, and trusts you (and your offer) implicitly to steer them into their bright new future.

Now, I use The Conversion Code™ in all my copy projects – and the results speak for themselves …

Brandon Lucero.jpg
“One of THE best copywriters I’ve ever worked with. Gin naturally understands how to shift the reader to another perspective – she just crushes it! I feel like I’m reading my own words!” 

Brandon Lucero, Messaging + Content Guru

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